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Feast as befits a King (12 noon – 3 pm)

What Is Rajakeeyam?

If a man’s stomach is the best way to his heart, then Rajakeeyam is the ultimate way to a man’s good health.

Rajakeeyam, the royal lunch spread from Sanjeevanam vegetarian restaurant, is an 8-course vegetarian meal that is served in a sequential manner on a banana leaf. This vegetarian meal is made using the principles of Naturopathy encompassing an array of 28 dishes, tastefully combined to form a rich nutritious spread. Rajakeeyam’s principle follows a naturopathic concept, of serving the right food in the right sequence. The meal is eaten in an organized manner where fruits and vegetables are first absorbed by the system followed by grains. This promotes better digestion and stimulates the taste buds to delightfully enhance your pleasure with each course.

The Raja will eat only the best food. Rajakeeyam is a vegetarian meal that makes you feel like royalty. Rich in nourishment, it is the ultimate in yummy-health friendly food!.

Rajakeeyam knows just what’s right for the body, in what quantities and for what health benefit.

Sample the Rajakeeyam spread for yourself this weekend or any weekday for lunch, to know what we mean!!


The first course in Rajakeeyam comprises of ripe banana slices served with grated coconut in an appetizing combination. This is eaten prior to the main course as the absorption of food is enhanced.


The second course of Rajakeeyam is a series of 5 shots that need to be taken in a specific order. A combination of sweet, sour and salt are used to delight the taste buds. The order of serving from right to left is Date Juice (rich in minerals), Nuts Milk (rich in essential fatty acids), Vegetable Clear Soup (acts as an appetizer), Harita Butter Milk (cools the system) and Bran Rice Water (rich in Vitamin B Complex), in a mouth-watering package.


The third course in Rajakeeyam is Sweet Red Rice Puttu, Pith Raitha and Vegetable Salad. The Red Rice Puttu is made from rice that is ‘only soaked’, and undergoes no further processing, to retain the fibre, minerals and vitamins. The Raitha made out of banana pith is a beneficial addition as plantain stem is a natural diuretic and flushes out unwanted salt and water from the body to treat related problems- like high blood pressure. The Vegetable Salad is made using carefully handpicked fresh vegetables, and is a good source of fibre, vitamins and minerals.


The fourth course in Rajakeeyam contains four kinds of Semi-Cooked Vegetables. The vegetables are cooked using indigenous methods to retain the fibre and minerals in the dish. They are semi-cooked to enhance the taste and palatability. These dishes are the most sought after in the meal.


The fifth course in Rajakeeyam consists of four Fully- Cooked Vegetable dishes. These dishes comprise of Avial, Green Leafy Poriyals and other nutritious dishes. They are all great accompaniments to rice.


The Red Rice served in the main course is very rich in fibre and iron, and is a specialty from Sanjeevanam. It tastes great with Dhal, Sambar, Rasam and Morekuzhambu and is eaten with the vegetable accompaniments.

White Rice is also served as an option.


Along with rice, Dhal, Sambar, Rasam, Morekuzhambu and Buttermilk are served in the main course.


The treacle Payasam is usually made with rice and other pure ingredients. This delicious sweet desert is the crowning glory of the meal and you just can’t stop at one cup.


Pure honey completes the last course of the meal as this aids digestion.


Sanjeevanam special beeda is served after the Rajakeeyam meal. The beeda is made with fresh vegetables that are finely chopped and spiced with a hint of cardamom. They come skilfully wrapped in a betel leaf, pierced with a carrot.

Delicious and mouth wateringly sumptuous and your body will love it. Sounds irresistible, doesn’t it? Call us ahead for a table, for your next lunch outing!!


(12 noon – 3 pm)

The Rajakeeyam Spread sans the Juice Course.