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Posted on January 22, 2018

If you are a fan of eating rice in your daily diet but hear someone at the back yelling ” Please…don’t”. Then this article is for you and do share it with person who told you this.

Rice is one of the oldest cereal eaten by people since 2500 BC* and the second largest staple food only after wheat.

What can be possibly wrong with that?

Let us see what makes Rice makes the best fitness food for these modern times-

  1. Rice is very digestive friendly food ,easy to metabolise and comes with a benefit of more proteins in it .
  2. Rice had some good carbs that allows slow breakdown into energy and keeps you satiated for a longer time.The reason why Idlies or Dosas keep you full than sandwiches.
  3. Rice is a staple cereal meant to be a part of big meals ,rightly so that it needs to be eaten with adequate accompaniments .It also means a combo with a Roti too.No wonder most of our Thali’s have a balance struck between rice and wheat.
  4. Parboiled rice is one of the best form of rice that has enhanced nutrition in terms of B vitamins,fibre and minerals in a concentrated like no other cereal.Yes,it is the first solid food given to infants at most south Indian homes from time immemorial.
  5. Try Red rice, a Keralite favourite for the extra anti-oxidants ,whole lot of fibre,Calcium and B vitamins and eat them into Dosas or Idlies. Sanjeevanam vegetarian restaurant serves amazingly tasty Red rice. Come and savour the taste.
  6. Millet rice can revolutionise the way we eat this staple. A boon for weight-watchers. The almost zero processing and naturally organic nature are only added advantages. The fibre is a blessing for Diabetics and people with heart problems. Always eat it combined with normal rice. Sanjeevanam Vegetarian restaurant serves some delicious Millet Dosas and interesting millet dishes made with Millet rice.
  7. Never eat rice alone with less nutritious pickles or chutney,complement them with generous serving of vegetables,pulses,whole legumes and then see what rice do to your health. That is what Sanjeevanam’s Rajakeeyam, Royal meal is all about. 65% of the meal is made up of fresh vegetables .
  8. Quantifying the consumption of rice is the key but take care that it is served with those fibre rich foods.
  9. An ideal food for weight watchers who want to getaway form wheat made bakery and fat rich alternatives.No wonder the West is turning to Rice as the new super food.
  10. A great food for people with Gluten intolerance.It reduces hyper activity and ADHD symptoms in children with spectrum disorders especially when combined with veggies and pulses.
  11. The Glycemic load in rice is less makes it a safe food for weight-watchers and Diabetics of course in prescribed amounts.

There are around 100,000**, cultivated varieties of Rice and we are just eating 2 % of them now.So long way to rice-explore!

It is a very frightening food trend in which Indians all over the world are moving away rice eating and their staple is being replaced with some fancy pseudo-cereals and too many dozes of refined wheat foods.

Always make sure rice has its combos and in its right form to be the best nutritional food ever for any age and any lifestyle disorder.

Now see what magic it can do to your health. Rice is not a bad food but a great one.

(*Source:Gastronomy of Food and Food Habits, **Rice Today Image C:Trekearth)