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Posted on March 2, 2018

Dear Parents,

Exam time is invariably a period filled with energy draining hours of studying, last minute memorizing episodes, sleepless nights and irregular eating. As parents we must focus on the diet that we give to kids during these stressful times. A proper food planning can help your kids to enhance their performance several times. Some tips to follow:

What to eat for breakfast?

A proper break-fast is a must irrespective of your kid being a morning bird or a night owl. If your kid is a morning person ,give them breakfast by 10 am in the morning. But if the kids got to hit their bed only by early morning then keep a breakfast alarm , just let them eat something as simple as biscuits ,it would take hardly 10 minutes and they could get back to sleep. This will keep their system energized through the rest period and they would not feel any craving while they get back for lunch may be after 3 hours. It is preferable to go for whole-grain dishes like multi-grain Paratha, Ragi Dosas ,Millet Dosas.Along with the main dish also give them some mineral rich fruits like Bananas,oranges. The ability to concentrate and focus comes from adequate, steady supply of energy – in the form of glucose in our blood to the brain.The fibre from fruit and whole grains will keep them going for long hours of study. One cup of tea or coffee a day would not matter but not a sip more than that.

What to eat for mid-morning?

For all those who study through night, mid-morning around 10-11 am will probably spent in sleeping. But for the rest of the kids let them go for some sweet-lime or any citrus juice with some hi-fibre biscuits. A handful of Walnut and raisin s will do excellent work on their brain functioning by providing adequate amount of omega acids, DHAs and anti-oxidants and has proved to be good de-stress.

What to eat for lunch?

A lunch with some rice or Chapattis is very important. Just add sufficient vegetables and whole legumes as the accompaniment to their diet. A whole grain

main dish like Multi-grain Parathas or a cup of Red rice will always be useful. The fibre will keep releasing energy slowly and B vitamins will help in protecting the immunity system. A cup of curd or glass of butter milk at the end of the meal is ideal. You could stick to usual amounts but not the food made of refined cereals,high fat or high sodium. These might interrupt with their brain functioning and will give more hunger pangs that will create fatigue and irritation. Keep them away from heavy masalas and oil.The lunch should ensure that the ingredients will help in maintaining concentration throughout the day. If you are a night owl then take some time from sleep ,have a warm shower and let them eat their eat lunch atleast by 3 pm.Sanjeevanam vegetarian restaurant has an amazing spread of tasty lunch varieties that are pure,fresh and healthy. Order our food on Zomato and provide your kids with wholesome nutrition.

What to eat in evenings?

A cup of milk with some short eats like ground nut Chikkis, home-made or local made whole-grain Chakklis or Murukku is fine to get you off that afternoon sleepiness mode. These will keep your brain active after putting in such long hours of work. Also try some yummy Sanjeevanam Sweets made of pure ghee and unrefined ingredients. They will provide your kids all that useful nutrients yet provide them guit-free/tasteful eating. Order them NOW on Zomato.

What to eat in mid-evening?

A cup of vegetable salad made of Cucumber,onion and tomato is enough to keep you hydrated and refresh your senses for the last phase of your day. Grab some simple Papads, Khakhra or steamed snacks for this break to go with it. Or just go for some Sundal or cooked whole legumes season with light spices. Lycopene in tomatoes can enhance memory. Try some yummy Sanjeevanam Sundal and wholesome snacks like Ela Ada and Kozhukattai. Order them now on Zomato.

What to eat in dinner?

A wholesome dinner will mean a few Chapattis with a cup of rice with loads of Dhal based dishes with vegetables and a cup of salad. Also they could go for light gravies for dinner. Vegetarian can eat 2 cups of freshly fermented curd. The probiotics will build in a lot of immunity too. A fitting dinner should be followed by an apple. Apple is a chosen fruit here as it very filling and has loads of nutrients to combat stress and relax nerves. A half-cup milk of milk can have soothing effect for a good night sleep after a long day of brain work! Go for some Millet food options and delicious Salad vailable with Sanjeevanam Veg restaurant.

What should night owls eat at mid-night?

If your kid is a night owl that puts in the best of hardwork in the night, remember it is always only a second option. But then if your child are already tuned to the routine then follow the tips:

  • Let them have an early dinner preferably by 9 pm.
  • Load your fridge with food like apples,bananas,milk and some handy whole wheat bread slices. Try some smoothies and blends.
  • Keep your snack shelf filled with multi-grain Museli flakes and dates to munch. Also stock some home made chutneys to serve as bread spreads.
  • Give them lots of water to drink but keep them away from aerated drinks.If required a glass of sweet lime juice is a good idea.
  • Try to get them to bed by 3am ,so that they can get back to their feet for break-fast break.
Some more tips to follow:
  • Stay away junk foods: Any food with empty calories and high amounts of sodium such as most western junk foods .But yes some light homemade Chat varieties are allowed occasionally.
  • Cut out on gums and Candies: Ensure that your kids don’t chew gum. The chewing action will cause you to swallow more digestive juices, which will increase their hunger. Highly sugary products can play havoc with the blood glucose levels and lead to sudden falls leading to fatigue and restlessness.
  • Stay hydrated: Water allows many of the chemical reactions in our bodies to take place and therefore, the speed at which our brains can work and process all those notes will be affected if we dehydrated . The NHS recommends we aim to drink around 1.2 litres of fluid a day – water being the liquid of choice to keep your body functioning on top form.
  • Get enough sleep: While the kids want heaps of energy during the day, come bedtime do ensure their body and mind are ready to rest. The sleep pattern disruption will cause anxiety and stress.
  • Boost their immune system: If the kids have been suffering from stress that combined with sleepless nights or a poor diet due to all that knowledge cramming, the immune system will likely need a helping hand . Loads of salads and fruits will do the trick.



So just let them go ahead with their preparation .As parents let us help them to – eat well ,sleep well. They will for sure shine in their exams.