Feet looking and feeling smooth and crack free

March 8, 2017 / No comments / in Skin Care / by avacareadmin

start giving yourself a foot spa at home because your feet get so tired after a hard day at work, or you just need to pamper yourself and keep your feet looking and feeling smooth and crack free.

In a wide basin (not a bucket) pour pretty hot water.. Like it’s difficult to dip my feet in at the beginning but in a minute you find it easy to dip both feet in. put in a handful of rock salt… The commercial salt available is iodized where as the rock salt is pure from nature. It detoxifies your body, also eases stress and body pains. Removes the yellowness under the nails and makes your nails shine beautifully. Constantly painted toenails need this the most.

A hand full of Epsom salt..there are many beauty benefits to Epsom salts, aka magnesium sulfate,  for super soft skin. It also help relieve muscle pain.

A hand full of crushed alum… Soften and smoothens the heels and helps keep it crack free.

Keep your feet soaked till all the three salts and stone melt and your feet are soft with the soak. Use the Pumice stone… This porous rock has been used for centuries as an abrasive beauty aid, the pumice stone is used to remove rough skin, primarily on the heels of your feet, squeeze a little body wash liquid on it and  use it on the heels and pads of my feet, moving in a circular motion with slight pressure, make sure not to make the skin raw, you only want to remove the dead and rough skin. Rinsing your feet off dab it dry on a towel and moisturise and give your feet a good massage which it so richly deserves.. and feel like a new person all over again. There are times you may not have epsom salt and alum .. Then it’s just rock salt which is always handy.