Straight hair

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The grass is always greener on the other side… People with curly hair want straight hair and ones with straight hair want curls and bounce… All of us know that chemicals are not good for us in any way, I have repeatedly said it in my posts but there’s no one better than me who understands how painful it is to deal with curly hair.. I have in my youth straightened my hair many times but I was one of the lucky few.. I never lost any hair out of the ordinary.. But that may not be the case for so many of you so be cautious.. Here are some pointers.. If you still insist on getting treatments done. It’s a good thing our hair can handle a lot of abuse we put it tru.. But we need to keep in mind our roots are very prone to getting weak under stress… So if you do desire to do a chemical treatment, don’t rush into it .. Do some research, know the post care rituals and search for the best hairstylist that can meet your needs… People keep telling me they are tired of having to use the straightener every day? That they want straight hair without having to style it every day?

You may want dead straight hair or just naturally straight, so make sure you mention this to the hairstylist. They may have ideas for you that you haven’t considered. The one I normally tell my clients is to retain the curls at the bottom and straighten the rest to keep it looking more natural. Always remember that when your roots grow out they will grow out in its natural form.

Know that some treatments are said to contain formaldehyde. It is not good for you… Some products do have this toxic chemical, it may not be there in huge amounts but they’re there. If you’re concerned, mention this to your stylist. Even better would be for you to use a 0% formaldehyde product.

Treatments are called by various names… For a smoother, no frizz, straighter hair, you can opt for the Brazilian Keratin Treatment or a Brazilian Blowout. In addition, L’Oreal has a procedure called X-Tenso that promises straight hair for up to 6 months. However, most Brazilian straightenings normally last around two to four months. So it’s not the poker straight hair you get with these treatments. With this method, the bonds in your hair aren’t completely broken and your natural texture will gradually return. In other words, it’s much better for your hair, but the contrast will be less stark. You can still style your hair and it may still hold a curl, unlike the results when you use harsh chemicals, but if it’s very straight hair you are looking for then these are not the treatments for you. With these treatments, you may still have to blow dry your hair and maybe do a few touch-ups, but your daily routine will be cut down massively.

Rebounding¬† is a process that makes hair poker straight .. It breaks the bonds of hair. You’ll be left with pin straight hair that will not curl. It’s most effective on medium or wavy curls. This is a difficult process to manoeuvre effectively. You do not want to undergo this with a stylist who’s never done it before. Scope around your town for the best stylist.

  • If things go awry, your hair could get seriously, seriously damaged. Don’t cut any corners with this one. Your hair can’t afford it.
  • You could be there for an entire day (5 to 8 hours), depending on your hair type and how much hair you have. When you go in for touch-ups, that’ll take 3 or 4.¬† So bring a good book! Or even better, a friend.

V imp..Don’t wash your hair or wear a ponytail for the next three days.

Basically, your hair needs to be left as is. Nothing that will put a kink in it or take away from the powers of the chemical.

  • Only get a permanent hair straightening on healthy hair. Chemical straightening is quite damaging too, so that your hair will look literately burned up if you relax damaged hair. If your hair is damaged, first let it grow until it’s twice its present length. In the meantime, do not do anything that damages it (flat ironing, dyeing etc.). After it has grown, cut out all the damaged hair. Now you can relax it.
  • With all processes, the roots will come back as normal. You can’t change your genes.
  • If your hair gets damaged it will pretty much lose its shine and healthy look. Apply masks and get hair spas done for damaged hair, don’t use a straightener too often, apply smoothing lotion/serum/ and buy good conditioners.
  • There are other options besides straightening curly hair. Before taking a drastic step like this you may want to consider learning how to manage your natural curly hair.
  • Try getting a new haircut that is flattering for your hair type.